Are you an entrepreneur looking to scale upthrough online ads on social media & Google?

As Online Ads experts, we help entrepreneurs rocket-scaling in turnover by deploying strong and distinctive online ads on social media & Google. So that you become the market leader in your sector and rise above your competition.

You are

You are an entrepreneur who has really been at it for a while. You're already turning a nice turnover, but you want to scale up further. Maybe you've already run some ads, maybe not yet. Either way, you want to use ads in the most effective way to start growing as quickly as possible.

You also know that what you are doing is effective and what you have in place is good, otherwise you would not have achieved all these results now. But there's more to it, you want to reach your maximum potential. Constantly grow and scale up in revenue.

You are ready to become the market leader in your industry and rise above your competitors.

You want to at least double in revenue if you're honest, but you're a bit stuck on the how. How exactly can you start scaling up without incurring a much higher cost? Without spending a much higher cost per lead. Without spending thousands of dollars on your advertising budget to turn an okay turnover.

You want to scale up, but you find that, that doesn't quite go with how the ads are running now and that you lack the expertise in this. You think that the cost per lead or purchase can be reduced much more, so that the result at the bottom line is much better. And that you can appeal to many more people, without incurring very high costs.

At the same time, you would like to have more personal freedom. The ability to take time off when you want, without having to put in more time. You want a passive scalable marketing strategy.

There is no more passive and effective way than to deploy ads. You want to scale and maximise your ads so that you have a constant stream of customers.

And that's what we help you with.

"I'm so happy with Sanne! As a Rotterdam native, I can really appreciate her hands-on and "don't bullshit but polish" attitude".

Sanne is professional, keeps me on track (very nice) and always comes up with valuable suggestions when it comes to my social media campaigns ads. I would recommend Sanne!"

– Vera Lenting
Owner Natur-el

 You want to go skyhigh in sales. Become the biggest in your industry.

You want to scale up with your ads, only you don't know how. You've already done some with ads, but you don't know if it's really looking good. That the system behind it is also right.

You think costs can come down. You actually want to start growing in reach without spending 50% of your revenue on ads.

And that is where most go wrong. 

They will scale up, but then also rise much more in costs. And that is not the intention. It can just be done much smarter.

And that also makes everyone stick to mediocre turnover. 

To rise above the competition and scale up requires more. Something else is needed. 

A smart passive scalable marketing strategy for ads. 

And that's what we help you with.


Because be honest. How long will you keep running these ads and hoping that your business will scale up one day.

You are here for a reason, because you feel things can be different, can be even better and can be bigger.

You now have two choices. And that choice is yours, but be aware that you are making that choice.

Or you stay where you are now. You are running ads that you are currently running, but you are not reaching the maximum number of people. You also feel like you're throwing money away at the moment, because your ads aren't quite optimally deployed and they could probably be much smarter. And you are losing money there too.

Or you start working on it. We'll explore together how to do it better. And we are going to adjust the strategy so that you spend less, for a much better result. And more easily scale up in reach, customers and turnover.

In any case, it is not at all crazy that you are struggling to scale your ads. You are undoubtedly good at your job, otherwise you wouldn't already be turning such a turnover. Be it coaching or running an online shop. But scaling up with your ads is also a profession.

Allow yourself to maximise your potential and make the most of your ads.

And this can all be done much easier and smarter than you do now. It's time to stop paying such high costs per lead or order. Time to start growing in reach without spending 50% of your revenue on ads.


These clients grew in 2 months with an average of 10K additional sales per month through social media advertising.

Creating strong campaigns on social media that deliver results - that's what makes us happy. Here are some of the results we have already had the pleasure of generating for great entrepreneurs.

Turnover: 13.3K average per month from ads

Orders: 550 orders per month on average

Cost per order made: € 1,62

Turnover: 10k average per month from ads

ROAS: 36 (That's per euro ad budget we spent, came out at 36 euros in terms of revenue!)

Turnover: 10k per month

People reached: 50,000 people per month
Website visitors: 9000 per month


Leads: 400 on average per month through a webinar.

Cost per lead: € 1,00 per lead

Website visitors: 1500 visitors on average per month

Hi, I'm Sanne

Online ads expert

I love numbers and statistics, so during my Bachelor Business Administration I soon realised that my future lay within marketing. After my studies, I came into contact with advertising on social media & Google and that is where I could really express my passion. The combination of strategy, creativity, advice, numbers and statistics made me want to focus completely on this field.

I went to work for a marketing agency and then I helped both multi-million dollar companies and small business owners scale their sales through social ads & Google ads. Here, I tested all kinds of strategies and budgets.

I noticed that I wanted to start for myself and took a leap of faith 2.5 years ago. I quit everything in the Netherlands, moved abroad for 1.5 years and ran my business from there. In that time, I ran countless campaigns on Facebook/Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok and helped 215+ entrepreneurs. In total, I have already splurged more than €1,000,000 ad budget.

I do not believe in standard ads, a nice picture, text and that's it. It can really be done differently. You can use much more creative ads, by using distinctive video content and striking texts.

I have tested with a lot of different strategies. I've been able to run a lot of ads and spend more than € 1,000,000+ to test as much as possible. And, of course, ultimately achieve very nice results. Because I have been doing this for so long and have helped so many different types of clients, I now know which is the best strategy to use for every entrepreneur. And what it takes to easily scale up.

customers helped

created campaigns

years of experience

Ad budget tested

This client grew an additional 23K revenue in 2 months of collaboration through Facebook/Instagram ads.

For this client in the clothing industry, we started advertising on Facebook & Instagram. Within 2 months, we were at an average cost per purchase of €1.92 and for every euro we put in as an advertising budget, she got 11.87 in return. In total, she had collected a total turnover of €23,177.60 through just these ads. From here, we continued to scale up in budget, audiences and ads, and we continue to do so today.

Our clients

helping you attract the right customers through ads - that's what we love doing best. And what we have already been able to do for great clients:

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Social media ads

  • Profitable ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or Pinterest.


Google- ads

  • Top of the Google search engine through strong Google ads.
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We take a complete look at your ad strategy. I take a look with you at what results you are achieving, where you can do things smarter, where there are still opportunities and where you are still leaving money. I share these with you and then we can see if we can help you further.

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